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Shinkansen tip #1: Always check if your train has non-reserved seats. Direct trains going to Yamagata are mostly reserved only cars so even if you have the JR Pass, don’t expect that you can just hop on and off like on other trains.

Shinkansen tip #2: Non-reserved cars are usually on cars 1-3 (or 5).

Shinkansen tip #3: Toilets and garbage area are usually between cars 3 and 4.

Shinkansen tip #4: If you’re using JR Pass and reserved a seat then you missed your train, you won’t be able to get another reservation on the same trip on that day on different time/train using the ticket machines. Just go to the ticket counter or midori no guchi and ask the staff to cancel your previous ticket and book you another one.

Shinkansen tip #5: Some trains don’t have onboard snack vendos or counters so better buy before riding.

Shinkansen #6: Have at least 10-15 minute interval between your train transfers as some stations are so big plus transferring using elevators when you have big luggages takes more time than you expect.

Shinkansen tip #7: If you know your phone most likely need some juice while riding, book a window seat as it is nearer to the power plugs; If you most likely go on toilet breaks, book the aisle seat; If you have big luggages, book a luggage seat which are usually either at the front or end of each cars.

Shinkansen tip #8: If your ears pop when flying or they’re just too sensitive, bring some gum or earplugs as the pressure may irritate you.

Shinkansen tip #9: Don’t use your phone too much, enjoy the view.

Shinkansen tip #10: Once you hear the announcement on your arrival station, be ready to hop off as some stations will only stop briefly (as in like 1-2 minutes

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